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 In The Beginning...
The Gagliarchives originated as a program called 'The Lost Satellite'. It aired on Wednesday afternoons from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 91.5 FM WDBK, in Blackwood, New Jersey. One afternoon while playing a rare Genesis concert, the name "Gagliarchive" was muttered in jest by an engineer, and the rest  is history...The Lost Satellite


The Gagliarchives then moved to Wednesday nights from 8:00 PM to midnight in late October of 1991, where it would be a staple until July of 1993. Although the program was regularly featured Monday and Saturday mornings in the summer from 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., the heart of the show was on Wednesday nights. In the original incarnation of the program, we played many local favorites. The Age of Reason and Gardeners and Gravediggers were just a few featured offerings. On the live circuit, we hosted our first concert on August 17th, 1992 as The Age Of Reason opened for Kansas at the Pennant East in Brooklawn, NJ. We would later host many concerts as part of the Bonnie's Roxx showcase. Our top requests during our time at WDBK were some of rock and roll and  progressive rock's finest. Jeff Beck, John Mayall's Blues Breakers, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Robin Trower, Procol Harum, Steve Hackett, Brand X, Marillion and Genesis. The radio program's first written review was in the Gannett newspaper, "Courier Post" in October of 1992, and was named the #1 New College Radio Program by Gannett News Services as part of their "Best Of South Jersey" awards in March of 1993.

The resurrection of the Gagliarchives into a more fruitful era began in 1994 with the creation of the new 88.9 WBZC FM at Burlington County College on the edge of the Pine Barrens in Pemberton, NJ. The stationThe Gagliarchives Logo 1992-1996 covers southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and the Jersey shore. This new, state of the art radio station became our home, and gave the Gagliarchives a permanent time slot on Saturday nights from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. We've recorded nearly 1000  plus weekends at our home base in Pemberton set amidst wildlife, nature, old stage coach roads,  and endless miles of deciduous and evergreen trees. This setting provides for an extremely welcome, yet remote atmosphere for all four seasons of the year. The Pine Barrens are definitely a canvas for each week's radio program.

WBZC is situated south of McGuire Air Force Base and Fort Dix, 26 miles west of Long Beach Island, 31 miles east of Philadelphia, and 60 miles northwest of our home studios outside of Atlantic City. The campus encompasses approximately 250 acres and includes a modern campus facility surrounded by mature woodlands traversing the Rancocas Creek. At one time, part of Pemberton Township in Burlington County, was formerly known as Ong's Hat and wasBurlington County College, Pemberton, NJ and still is, very rich in tradition and local legend, as is much of the surrounding area known as the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Touching the edges of both the infamous Pine Barrens and the dark and mysterious Lebanon State Forest, the community was once known by the local Indians as "the gateway Into the other worlds", a name that local historians and folklorists don't take lightly.  According to Piney legend, the village of Ong's Hat was founded sometime in the 19th century after Jacob Ong had an argument with a girl at a dance. She took his hat and threw it on the ground; he picked it up and tossed it in the air, and it landed in a tree. There it hung for months. Over the years, the community that developed around the tree where Jacob's hat hung became known as Ong's Hat. This is just one of many legends including the story of the White Stag, and the Ong's Hat Conspiracy. Yes, this all surrounds WBZC. 

Since our program came to Pemberton in 1994, we have attended and produced radio specials on events such as the now world famous North East Art Rock Festival; Towson, Maryland's Progscape; Progfest in Los Angeles, California; Montreal, Quebec's FMPM; and North Carolina's Progday. We have hosted several shows in Philadelphia, PA; Pennsauken, NJ;  Atlantic City NJ; Easton, PA; Mount Holly, NJ; Bethlehem, PA; New York City, NY; Long Beach Island, NJ; and countless other venues and locations. The Gagliarchives have also done live remotes from Long Beach Island, New Jersey  for The Alliance For A Living Ocean, the Area 13 New Jersey Special Olympics, The New Jersey Farm Fair, The Cranberry Festival, and the Whitesbog Festival. In 1995, WBZC 88.9 FM won the National Association of College Broadcasting's Station Of The Year. Prior to winning the award, the station's then top programs on the weekends were the Gagliarchives along with Janet Watts & Roger Beckwith's Roadhouse Radio, a Delaware Valley local music and blues program which  was a staple for 5 years. That Saturday in November of 1995, Janet Watts and Tom Gagliardi did a 2 hour simulcast on Providence College's 91.3 FM WDOM, and 96.5 FM WBSR at Brown University. It would be the first the Gagliarchives were done live in another state. The program would later take on 6 straight years of 2, 7 hour live broadcasts from NEARfest at the University Station Bar in Bethlehem, PA. The Gagliarchives give back to Burlington County by paying homage to its rich history through our South Jersey History Moments heard every hour at WBZC, and the Stargazer's Handbook which gives a week long view of the night's skies. We also work many events for the Burlington County Chapter of the Special Olympics. We have recently relocated to our new home studios where some of our programs are being produced on the island of Brigantine, NJ. These programs will be noted during our broadcasts.

Our goal on the radio program is to provide up to the minute news on all progressive rock, progressive metal, and fusion headlining stories, concerts, and events for the progressive rock follower and collector. We provide weekly world premieres of the new, popular artists, and focus and introduce, newer, less known projects.  

 The Show
Gagliarchives - GAG-LEE-R-KIVES- (noun)- A progressive and art rock program that covers neo, symphonic, fusion, Canterbury, Electronic, metal, classic, solo work, space, acid, classical, Kraut, Zeuhl, Recently new, and anything else somehow tied in with this mystical genre (at least 80,000 listings.)
 The Staff
  • Jack Webster - Co Producer/Digital Archivist
  • Michael Cohn - Production Assistant
  • The Mysterious VAXMAN - Online Engineer
  • Kevin Feeley - Live Broadcast Producer
  • Jason Varga - Imaging
 Why We Do It
Who else is playing this on real radio?
STAFF PAST & PRESENT: Jack Webster, Michael Cohn, Brian Schenkenberger, Jason Varga, Kevin Feeley, Roger 'Dot' Lee, Davin Flateau, Frankie 'the fan' Alfeeri, George Piatkowski, Roger Beckwith, Big Bob Volpe, Keith 'The Man' Myers, Chad Hutchinson, Gene Godfrey,  Keith Green, Robert Blinebury, Sean Leehive, Matt Murdock, Charles Nolan, Anchor 'Java Joe' Babcock, Bill Horst, Randy Abidin, John Most, Carmine Sarlo, Kevin Boyce, Greg Hindsley, Jay Davidson, Mike Taylor, Muscles Rapscallion, Reggie Szatny, and Steve.

WDBK: Mike Gillen, Greg Ficci, Karen Kozachyn, Jason Mollica, Brian Fioretti, Eric the Janitor, Matt Pilla, Chris Consalvi, Jennifer Osbourne, Brie McCaddin, Steve, The Bobber, and many, many interns.

WBZC: Drew Jacobs, Peter Palma, John Engle, John Bannister, Earl Gardner,  Patrice Connelly, Jim Meehan, Bonnie Hart, Janet Watts, Jeannie Becker, Selector Jerry, Keith Rowe, Tim Marshall, Brett Holcomb, Jason Varga, Security: Joe, Ben, Stokes, Henry, Joe, and Ralph.

CONTRIBUTORS OVER THE YEARS: Ken Golden, Tom Gallo, Jon Most, Janet Watts, Matthew Kauffman, Jim Brennan, Scott McCleary, Chip Rugeeri, Jim Pitulsky, Geoff Logsdon, Steve Feigenbaum, Peter Morticelli, Mike Varney, Chuck Darrow of the Courier Post,  Lisa Mikita, Christine Holz, Chad Hutchinson, Cozy Powell, Eric Corbin, Jon Freeman, Anne Leighton, Thomas Ziegler, Sean McFee, Jon Yarger, Ray Loboda, Kevin Feeley, Lori Hehr, Jim Brennan, Roger Lee, Davin Flateau, Ray Loboda, Jim Robinson, Kevin Feeley, and so many others...

MY FAMILY, FRIENDS, INSPIRATION, AND PUZZLE PIECES OVER THE YEARS: Chuck Gagliardi,  Robert Bradley, Chloe Bradley, Nicolette Bradley, Dylan Bradley, Ken and Lauren Golden, Gale Gervasio, Elena Lunn, Sean Mickle, Mike Gagliardi, Dave the mail guy, Bill Horst, DJ Rob Skinner, Jane Gallo, Tony Gallo, Tom Gallo, John Gallo, Denise Myers, Vicki Myers, Michael Pack, The Revak Family, Amy Foxwell, Kristen Brach, Nicole Humphrey, Martha Sue Piatkowski, Krissy Rhodes, Mackenzie Szatny, Shirley Neil, Bill Hicks, Providence, Rhode Island where I found my friends for life, Ocean City NJ; Apple Pie Hill; 3rd Street Jazz Philadelphia, PA; Full Circle Records Blackwood, NJ; Route 559; My times at 93.3 WMMR, 91.5 WDBK, 90.7 WCLH, 91.3 WTSR, and 100.7 WZXL. Dana Bradley for the first Genesis album, the blizzard of 1992, the 1982 Plymouth Reliant, the 1987 Dodge Charger, the 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass, the 1997 Wrangler, the 1999 Wrangler, Kevin Gilbert for the interview that never happened, the 1993 Philadelphia Phillies, Carl Sagan's Contact, Jim's Steaks, the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the 1998 Philadelphia Phantoms, the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Orion constellation, every last child's name I announce at the Special Olympics events, John Noonan for keeping me focused, Steve Colcatt, Megan Hildebrandt, Mike Serlenga, Stacy Tule, the back roads of Williamstown, NJ, Walt Bryant, Ruth Ferguson, Joel Reisman, Vincent Geraci, Linda McNeely, Ace Tesone, Pinky, Tony, Silly, Opus, Chase, Louie, Connie,  Chad Hutchinson for his vision, patience and contributions, 22 years of listeners, Lacas Coffee, Vidalia hot sauce, Adelphia's on Tuesdays, Denny's, booth 3 at the Philly Diner (where the idea of total progressive rock radio originated), Mom Mom and Pop Pop on both sides, the divine higher power, Princeton's  green fields, clear blue skies, the Milky Way, and the biggest thanks to my mother and father for planting the seed, and my father for showing me that music is more than just a three-minute ballad. I love you for placing that code within the foundation. Thank you, I love you both dearly.