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>> Top 100 of 2007
 Top Charting Progressive Albums of 2007
Pos. Album Title Band/Artist Label Weeks
at #1 on Program
1 Fear Of A Blank Planet Fear Of A Blank Planet Porcupine Tree Atlantic 29
2 The Heart Of Everything The Heart Of Everything Within Temptation Roadrunner 7
3 Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Symphony X InsideOut
4 Systematic Chaos Systematic Chaos Dream Theater Roadrunner
5 Snakes And Arrows Snakes And Arrows Rush Atlantic
6 A Time Of Day A Time Of Day Anekdoten Virta
7 Rapid Eye Movement Rapid Eye Movement Riverside InsideOut
8 The Sum Of No Evil The Sum Of No Evil The Flower Kings InsideOut

9 Sound Of The Apocalypse Sound Of The Apocalypse Black Bonzo Laser's Edge
10 Circa: 2007 2007 Circa: IND
11 Oblivion Sun Oblivion Sun Oblivion Sun IND
12 Somewhere Else Somewhere Else Marillion MVD
13 Sleeping In Traffic Part I Sleeping In Traffic Part I Beardfish InsideOut
14 Culture Of Ascent Culture Of Ascent Glass Hammer Arion
15 Improvision Improvision Machacek/Sipe/Garrison Abstract Logix
16 Shell Shell Naikaku Poseidon
17 The Hemulic Voluntary Band The Hemulic Voluntary Band Ritual InsideOut
18 Primitive Primitive The Watch Altrock
19 Endangered Endangered Far Corner Cuneiform
20 The Atacama Experience The Atacama Experience Jean-Luc Ponty Koch
21 In Glorious Times In Glorious Times Sleepytime Gorilla Museum The End
22 Return To The Emerald Beyond Return To The Emerald Beyond The Mahavishnu Project Cuneiform 6
23 03 A Trilogy Part II O3: A Trilogy Part II Dominici InsideOut
24 The End Is Begun The End Is Begun Three Metal Blade
25 Acts Of God Acts Of God  At War With Self Sluggo's Goon
26 Under A New Sign Under A New Sign Knight Area Laser's Edge
27 Pole Pole Tuner Unsung
28 4:00 And Hysteria Four o' Clock And Hysteria Alan Morse InsideOut
29 Grotesk Grotesk Ze Morglbl Free Electric Sound
30 Planetfall Planetfall Litmus Candlelight
31 Isolate Isolate Circus Maximus Sensory
32 Quantum Quantum Planet X InsideOut
33 Galapagos Momentum Galapagos Momentum Upsilon Acrux Cuneiform
34 The Origins Of Ruin The Origins Of Ruin Redemption InsideOut
35 Otherworld Otherworld Space Ritual Esoteric
36 Song Of Times Song Of Times Starcastle ProgRock
37 For For The Claudia Quintet Cuneiform
38 Neo Neo La Torre D'ell Alchimista IND
39 Cortical Tectonics Cortical Tectonics Canvas Solaris Sensory
40 Tio Bitar Tio Bitar Dungen IND
41 Kontinuum Kontinuum Klaus Schulze SPV
42 Anima Anima Spheric Universe Experience Sensory
43 Animations Animations Animations IND
44 Namesake Caution Namesake Caution Time Of Orchids Cuneiform
45 Angling Feelings Angling Feelings Kaipa InsideOut
46 Time Out Of Mind Time Out Of Mind Speechless IND
47 Doomsday Afternoon Doomsday Afternoon Phideaux Bloodfish
48 Art Metal Art Metal Jonas Hellborg Bardo
49 The Unbelievable Truth The Unbelievable Truth Elton Dean & The Wrong Object Moonjune
50 Audio Diplomacy Audio Diplomacy Fromuz 10T
51 Leaving Lotus Leaving Lotus Counter-World Experience IND
52 Rain Falls In Grey Rain Falls In Grey Radio Massacre International Cuneiform
53 Steam Steam Soft Machine Legacy Moonjune
54 The Third Quartet The Third Quartet John Abercrombie ECM
55 Pathosray Pathosray Pathosray Sensory
56 The Bridge The Bridge Cathedral IND
57 Numero D'Vol Numer D'Vol Hugh Hopper Moonjune
58 Rational Diet Rational Diet Rational Diet IND
59 The Blind Spot The Blind Spot Alec K. Redfearn Cuneiform
60 Twangorama Twangorama Twangorama IND
61 Go Go  Daryl Steurmer InsideOut
62 The Black Tomato The Black Tomato Oresund Space Collective Transubstans
63 Moe's Town Moe's Town Uncle Moe's Space Ranch Tone Center
64 Real Time Real Time Van Der Graaf Generator Fie!
65 Maahan Maahan Alamaailman Vasarat Wolfgang
66 In Rainbows In Rainbows Radiohead IND
67 Paramount Paramount Sieges Even InsideOut
68 Tryoxide Tryoxide Tryoxide IND
69 First Live In Japan First Live In Japan Arti & Mestieri Moonjune
70 Potemkine Carnival Potemkine Carnival Calle Debauche IND
71 A Noite A Noite Projecto B IND
72 Ghost Conversations Ghost Conversations* Aziola Cry IND
73 Even In The Midst Even In The Midst... Ahleuchatistas Cuneiform
74 Live At The Crescendo Festival Live At The Crescendo Festival Spaced Out Unicorn
75 If People Could Talk If People Could Talk Vic Stevens' Mistaken Identities Dreambox
76 Selling Insincerity Selling Insincerity* Abigail's Ghost Aesperus
77 Terra Incognita Terra Incognita Age Of Nemesis Magna Carta
78 Mondo Trio Mondo Trio Jeff Babko Abstract Logix
79 Patahan Patahan Simak Dialog Moonjune
80 Surviving Death/Alive Why? Surviving Death/Alive Why? Bill Brovold and Larval Cuneiform
81 II II Blackfield Atlantic
82 Electric Kompany Electric Kompany Electric Kompany IND
83 Going Off On One Going Off On One The Tangent InsideOut
84 Free Speech Free Speech Ahmad Mansour ESC
85 Greg Lake Greg Lake Greg Lake MVD
86 Prezens Prezens David Torn ECM
87 The Journey The Journey Khallice Magna Carta
88 The Safenzee Diaries The Safenzee Diaries Frogg Cafe 10T
89 Eris Eris Baku Llama 57 Records
90 Into The Night Into The Night Satellite MetalMind
91 Tippingpoint Tipping Point Jason Smith Moonjune
92 Dreamer Dreamer Anton Roolaart Umbrello
93 10,000 Days 10,000 Days Saga InsideOut
94 Tigrova Mast Tigrova Mast Tigrova Mast RAIG
95 Dr. Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band Dr. Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band Mooch AmbientLive
96 Angular Perceptions Angular Perceptions Thought Chamber InsideOut
97 Kosmos Kosmos Kosmos TheEnd
98 Legacy Legacy John Lee's Barclay James Harvest Esoteric
99 Circus Of Life Circus Of Life Magin Pie Progress
100 Actual Fiction Actual Fiction Gary Willis Abstract Logix
This was music of the final 100 discs featured on the Gagliarchives, on Programs 1032 through 1034 (11/24/07 to 12/8/07). Although this is the 'Top 100' of the year, there were over 1100 Progressive Rock related releases in the course of the year, and many genres are represented. This list was compiled through a year's worth of research from myself and all those in the GPRN. There were over 8000 votes in this poll alone with numerous spam votes released to make it accurate. I want to personally thank the thousands of listeners in the Delaware Valley, all the subscribers to the E groups at Yahoo!, the subscribers to our newsletter,  Ken Golden, Joe Pendleton, Jack Webster, Jack Luminous, Chad Hutchinson of Ghostland, and our buddies at Misterpoll as always.
Finalized by Tom Gagliardi and Staff.