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>> Top 100 of 2006
 Top Charting Progressive Albums of 2006
Pos. Album Title Band/Artist Label Weeks
at #1 on Program
1 The Dark Third The Dark Third Pure Reason Revolution Sony/One Haven 9
2 Luxade Luxade La Maschera Di Cera Immagnifica 12
3 Ewaz Vader Ewaz Vader One Shot Le Triton
4 Amputechture Amputechture The Mars Volta Universal Music Group 11
5 Signal To Noise Signal To Noise White Willow Laser's Edge
6 Score Score Dream Theater Rhino
7 A Place In The Queue A Place In The Queue The Tangent InsideOut 5
8 Industrial Zen Industrial Zen John McLaughlin Verve

9 Milliontown Milliontown Frost* Inside Out
10 Wild Orchids Wild Orchids Steve Hackett InsideOut
11 On An Island On An Island David Gilmour Sony 2
12 Live Live* Univers Zero Cuneiform
13 Go With What You Know Go With What You Know Dweezil Zappa Zappa
14 Metatron Metatron* Richard Pinhas Cuneiform
15 Resonator Resonator Tony Levin Narada 1
16 Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond Zero Hour Sensory
17 Unstable Matter Unstable Matter Spaced Out Unicorn
18 The Floors Too Far Away The Floor's Too Far Away Ozric Tentacles Magna Carta
19 Cantus Firmus Cantus Firmus Advent IND
20 Psychogeist Psychogeist Age Of Nemesis Magna Carta 1
21 Saudades Saudades* Dejohnette/Scofield/Goldings: Trio Beyond ECM
22 Memories Of The Future Memories Of The Future Space Mirrors Sleaszy Rider
23 Home Home  The Gathering The End
24 Then Affliction Come To Awaken The Dreamer Then Affliction Come To Awaken The Dreamer Twisted Into Form Sensory
25 What We Do What We Do McGill/Manring/Stevens Free Electric Sound
26 Zepto